Philadelphia won’t let students attend schools on Thursday

Education is less important than a parade for a football team in Philadelphia. Since a parade for the Philadelphia Eagles will be held Thursday, Philadelphia public and parochial schools will be closed that day. The Upper Darby School District also announced schools will close for the parade, according to NBC10.

“The excitement of the Eagles first Super Bowl victory is a once in a lifetime event,” Philadelphia schools Superintendent Dr. William R. Hite said. “For this reason we have decided to give our students, teachers and their families the chance to witness history.”

If the Eagles are such a good team, why would fans assume that this is a once in a lifetime event? Will schools close again next year if the Eagles win another Super Bowl? This reasoning is pathetic.

Not all parents have enough work flexibility to take a day off. Philadelphia school officials cavalierly ignore the difficulties many parents may have in arranging for their children to be cared for when there is no school.

Philadelphia has witnessed a lot of important history in the past few hundred years. It’s too bad that educational leaders think that scoring more points in a football game in Minneapolis is such an awesome historical event that all schools should close so that some people can go watch a paltry parade of a few vehicles festooned with athletes. The football players won’t really be the main attraction. The focus will be on all of the people who ditch work and school to create a big crowd. An added attraction will be free beer along the parade route for fans who are at least 21 years old. Hardly an edifying spectacle for impressionable young students who might happen to be there.


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