Fewer students use hall lockers in high schools

According to the Washington Post, high school students don’t use lockers as much as they did in years past: Schools and lockers: No longer the right combination.

Some renovated or new schools have few if any lockers. Joe Heim reports that most of the individual lockers at Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax County were removed during a renovation last year. I remember using the lockers when I attended Jefferson.

As part of its renovation, Thomas Jefferson installed shared cubbies in convenient locations throughout the school where students can temporarily store their gear. For a generation raised on bike-sharing and Uber, the fluid ownership model makes sense.

Heim also reports that DeBourgh Manufacturing, producer of “All American Lockers,” is introducing new products, “including smart lockers that are shareable, open with the swipe of an ID and are wired to charge electronic devices.”

So far 684 people have commented on this Post article, which was posted January 24. The Post moderators helpfully selected 12 featured comments. One writer using the name “apgbound” remembered a guy who had an adjacent locker to him all four years of high school and “for a few minutes every morning, and here and there throughout the day, we crossed paths at our lockers.” They reconnected at their 35th reunion and were so happy to see each other.

Another writer mentioned that block scheduling means students have only four classes per day, so backpacks are lighter.

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