Rapid City schools might end early dismissals

The Rapid City school district is studying how to eliminate early dismissals on Wednesdays while still providing professional development for teachers. In 2012, this South Dakota school district started dismissing students an hour and a half to two hours early on Wednesdays.

“But the early-release day has created its own problems for parents, educators and district officials in the last few years,” the Rapid City Journal reports. “The logistics of transporting and keeping students occupied and safe once they get out of school early on a midweek day had proven difficult for some parents.”

Superintendent Lori Simon has created a task for of teachers and principals to discuss possible alternatives. Simon is opposed to the current early dismissal policy, citing its negative effect on attendance:

“Wednesday is usually the best attendance day for schools, and that used to be the case for us in Rapid,” she said. “with the early-release Wednesdays, we are seeing it have a very negative impact. It’s now one of our worst attendance days.”

Rapid City schools already suffer from some of the worst attendance in the nation, and fixing that problem has been one of Simon’s top priorities since she took the helm in July.

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