Lockard proposes $2.8 billion budget

Today Interim Superintendent Steve Lockard proposed a budget increase of 4.9 percent for the Fiscal Year 2018 budget for Fairfax County Public Schools. This represents an increase of 5.7 percent in the Fairfax County transfer in the general fund compared to last year.

The proposed increase of $130.4 million in the $2.8 billion budget includes $44 million for an average step increase of 2.5 percent for all eligible employees and $41.2 million for anticipated increases in health insurance and contributions to the retirement systems. The proposal would also increase teacher pay by $33.2 million to move FCPS teachers closer to the regional market average. An increase of $7 million would go to new salary scales for school-based administrators, classroom instructional support positions (i.e. instructional assistants, public health training assistants, and public health attendants) and nonteacher salary scales.

The FY 2018 budget includes an additional $10.0 million to cover the cost of 1,932 additional students. Also, a one percent market scale adjustment for nonteacher scales would be $7.9 million.

The cost for textbook adoption for social studies would be $7.8 million, “of which $2.7 is a new investment.”

The budget also calls for $2.4 million for an assessment tool to identify remediation and accelerations needs.

The budget overview on page 5 of the FY 2018 Proposed Budget includes this bullet point:

“Budget reduction for Compensation Base Savings–$27.5 million.”

I couldn’t find a quick explanation of this. Perhaps this was explained in the presentation to the school board. Meanwhile, it is time to start reading the 296-page budget!

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