Carroll County considers two calendars for next year

The Carroll County Times advises the local Board of Education to go ahead and choose the proposed calendar for the 2017-18 school year that would start after Labor Day. Although there might be a legal challenge to Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order to start schools after Labor Day that year, “there is no requirement that schools must start before Labor Day if Hogan’s order is overturned in court or in the State House.”

Last week, Carroll County Public School’s introduced two possible calendars for 2017-18 school year — one that fits the requirements of the governor’s executive order to start class after Labor Day on Sept. 5 and wrap up by June 15; another in which school begins Aug. 29, finishes a day earlier and includes longer spring and winter breaks. The Board of Education is expected to approve both calendars at its November meeting after soliciting feedback from the public, and then decide which to use after the dust settles on the legality of Hogan’s order.

The Times says, “we think they should just adopt the post-Labor Day calendar later this fall and see how it works out, regardless of what might happen with the executive order. “

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