Fairfax adopts 2016-17 school year calendar

Last night the Fairfax County School Board passed the School Year Calendar 2016-17. Following a motion by Elizabeth Schultz (R- Springfield), the board made the sensible decision to eliminate a proposed early dismissal day on Friday, December 16, 2016; which would have been a rather excessive addition to the length of Winter Break, already an ample of amount of time—two weeks. Schultz mentioned that it might not be necessary to substitute a different early dismissal day, but went ahead with her proposal, which passed, to have such an early dismissal on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

When I have more time, I will cover some of the interesting points raised in the discussion. For instance, which decisions should be codified in regulations? Ilryong Moon (D-At-large) noted that several of the existing calendar traditions that were under debate last night are included in the regulations:

In years in which the presidential inauguration occurs, all students and employees have Inauguration Day as an additional holiday.

Thanksgiving vacation consists of Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday. That Friday is given as a holiday in lieu of Veterans Day.

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