Re-Elect Pat Hynes

Pat M. Hynes’ recent experience as an elementary school teacher in a neighboring school district gives her a valuable perspective for considering alternative ways of administering the schools. She was elected as the Hunter Mill District representative on the Fairfax County School Board in 2011.

At the June 26, 2014, school board meeting to vote on full day Mondays for elementary schools, Hynes said, “Many parents have requested this for a long time. It’s been under consideration for years and it will allow us flexibility and control of our calendar which we have not had.”

“The promise and the challenge of this is to protect the teacher planning time and I think that’s the part of it that teachers have always worried about,” Hynes said. She concluded that Superintendent Karen Garza had not given her any reason to not have faith when she says we will get this done.

Hynes also voted for later high school start times. She said, “I believe this change is a matter of health and well-being for our students.”

Hynes earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University. She was formerly an associate at Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett, New York, New York. She was an FCPS elementary teacher from 2002-20ll. Hynes is a former member of the Superintendent’s Business and Community Advisory Committee, founding member of the Vienna Teen Center Foundation, former PTA president, Louise Archer Elementary School, and former president of the Malcolm-Windover Heights Civic Association and F.B. Meekins Cooperative Preschool.

Hynes is endorsed by the Democrats, the Washington Post,  the Fairfax Education Association, and the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers.

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