Re-Elect Janie Strauss

Jane K. Strauss has served as the Dranesville District representative on the Fairfax County School Board from June 1991 to 1993, and January 1996 to the present. She is in favor of expanding Head Start and the Virginia Preschool Initiative. She voted for full-day Mondays for the elementary schools and later high school start times.

When voting to end the Monday early dismissal policy, she said, “I think it’s a win for our students, for our teachers, and our families.…For the teachers, for the first time, not only are we going to regularize the planning time, it’s going to become a very public commitment written in regulation and everybody knows about it.”

At the October 23, 2014, school board meeting to vote on later high school start times, Strauss said, “The fact that we have looked at this three times in the last 20 some years, it means that as a school system and as parents, we knew that we needed to fix this in some way. We kept searching for a way and I think tonight we have finally found it. “

Strauss has a B.A. in history from George Washington University and an M.A.T. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is a former elementary and preschool teacher. She has served as president of the Franklin Sherman PTA and the Fairfax County Council of PTAs. She was past chair of the council’s education and budget committees. She has served on the FCPS Career and Technical Preparation Task Force, the Citizens Bond Committee, and the Fairfax Framework for Student Success.

Strauss is endorsed by the Democrats, the Washington Post, The Fairfax Education Association, and the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers.

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