Some say that schools should assign less homework

Two Washington Post columnists recently reported on efforts to reform homework policies. Jay Matthews, in How to end homework for moms, cited guidelines from former Stuart High School principal Mel Riddle:

1. Homework should be considered independent practice and should not be assigned until teachers have conducted guided practice in class of the concepts and skills being learned.

2. Homework has to apply key learned concepts that already have been taught and practiced in class and should not be so overwhelming that it won’t be done. He presented research that indicated the ideal number of math problems in a homework assignment is just five.

Valerie Strauss reports that the California PTA adopted a resolution calling for homework that’s “reasonable, relevant, and reinforcing.”

Vicki Abeles, producer and co-director of the film Race to Nowhere, argues that homework “should be completely eliminated in the elementary grades and severely curtailed in middle and hgih school.”

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