Planning time might increase substantially for elementary school teachers

Steven L. Greenburg, president of the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers, told his members that the forthcoming plan for full day Mondays would increase unencumbered planning time for elementary teachers and collaborative planning time by teams. In a recent update to members, Greenburg said that he believes that at the May 28 school board work session Superintendent Karen K. Garza will present a plan to bring in full day Mondays for all elementary schools for next year.

Greenburg noted that the unencumbered planning time would be protected by a new FCPS regulation.

Here is an excerpt from his message:

The total amount of planning per week for our elementary teachers will increase substantially (rough numbers say they would get about 45 minutes a day unencumbered and 90 minutes a week to collaborate — but I have not officially seen the plan so I would be careful on those exact numbers, yet).

As this will help us with general school calendar issues relating to ‘hours’, the change will also benefit HS / MS teachers as we can build in days for ‘snow, etc.’, and ad some teacher workdays.

We may even be able to negotiate in one less day on the employee contract (that is just a discussion now – no promises, yet).

This will benefit:

– kids (more time in school; help with achievement gap; better teacher planning = better instruction),

– parents (Monday daycare + their kids do better in school)

– teachers (unencumbered elementary planning time will finally be protected and increased time overall for planning + more workdays for HS / MS teachers … and maybe even a day off the contract)

Everyone wins. This is a 40 year old problem that is finally going to get fixed.

Listen up, my elementary colleagues: Remember, I am you!

I have 20+ yrs. as a 2nd – 3rd grade FCPS teacher (gen ed and AAP center).

One of my goals as president for the past four years was to address this issue, specifically.

We will make sure any plan to change Monday will benefit you…not hurt you.

Once the plan is released (I will get you the details asap), you will be able to see the improvements and how we will get more planning—and unencumbered time PROTECTED.

It will be a ‘no-brainer’.

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