The current elementary school schedule in Fairfax County is irresponsible

The Fairfax Times article entitled Fairfax elementary schools watch the clock was reprinted in the Washington Post April 10 under the title “A push to clock in longer at school.” This appeared in the Fairfax Edition of Local Living.

“Interim Deputy Superintendent Dan Parris is leading a working group to study options for improved school schedules across all grade levels, K through 12, according to FCPS spokesman John Torre,” Kate Yanchulis reported. “Yet School Board member Janie Strauss (Dranesville) urges caution in considering a change. As with everything in the school system, Strauss said, the elementary school schedule represents a delicate balance.”

I posted some comments after this article:

“A delicate balance” is not how I would describe the elementary school schedule in Fairfax County Public Schools.  “Out of whack” is more like it.

This article explains that Fairfax provides “a combined 40 minutes each day for lunch and recess.”

Only 10 minutes per day for recess. Really?  Does this make any sense at all? No. And yet this is the unrealistic and impractical limit supposedly in effect for the last seven years. The absurdly limited schedule imposed on the elementary school students in Fairfax County is so confusing that few people understand it in the first place.

Thankfully, the 10-minute recess is rarely enforced. However, this leaves students with less than the mandated amount of instructional time. So, please, let’s not pretend that the current schedule should continue any longer. This is educational malpractice.

The current elementary school schedule is not a carefully considered plan with “a delicate balance.”

The current policy of dismissing elementary school students 2 ½ or 2 hours early every Monday is irresponsible.

See also Fairfax Times reports on the Full Schooldays petition.

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