Fairfax Times reports on the Full Schooldays petition

Yesterday the Fairfax Times posted an article about our petition.  Fairfax elementary schools watch the clock. “The Full Schooldays group started an online petition calling for full-day Mondays for elementary schools.”

Kate Yanchulis reports that school board member Janie Strauss (Dranesville) urges caution in considering a change. “There are obviously pluses and minuses,” Strauss said. “But the bottom line is that it’s hard, within the current budget situation, to add another program that would cost us more.”

Yanchulis then quoted my remarks, “We’ve heard the excuse that it’s a budget problem for years and years,” Shea said. “Whether or not it’s cost neutral, somehow we need to find a way to give more instruction to our students. It’s the building block to everything else in the school system.”

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